AMPS (Asset Management and Production System) is a collaborative and versatile cloud-based data repository solution with multi-functional features. It allows users to host online personal data storage with a quick and easy installation process. AMPS aims to leverage the efficiency of personal or collaborative project management. It is user-friendly for users from various industries and expertise level, from media & entertainment to education.

Full control of your files.

Organize and gain full control of your team files anytime, anywhere.

Organize your team effortlessly.

Create your team members according to your needs with user-friendly user creation tool.

Flexible sharing with custom permissions.

Account owners have full control in customizing the permission level of shared contents.

New or old, we keep them safe.

All the versions of every file can be previewed or downloaded directly in AMPS.

Online preview without download.

AMPS supports up to 60 different media file formats which can be previewed or streamed directly from any devices.

Comment directly on media files.

Flexible to add interactive commentary on media files, both images and videos.