File Management

File Management

Upload and Download

Download with a single click

Download any file/folder with just a single click of the icon located just beside each file or top toolbar to ease the process. Or just right-click on any file/folder to download.

Download multiple files/folders as a zip-file. AMPS allows download resumption function in the case of interrupted download or upload of file regardless of your browser. File can resume its upload or download progress without having to restart the progress.

Simply drag and drop your files directly from your computer to AMPS to upload.

Project Management

Create new project function

Managing project is much simpler with AMPS! AMPS helps you monitor your project activities. With AMPS asset tracking features, keeping track of your project progress has never been easier.

Plan ahead of your project to ensure projects being delivered on-time. AMPS allows you to schedule your project with start date and end date. You can set email notification to get latest updates on your team’s progress and activities.

Sharing with Custom Permission

You have full control of shared contents with different permission roles for shared users. Roles differentiate the accessibility of data for shared users. You are also able to create custom permission role depending on the specific needs of each file, in addition to the default role .

Project files and/or folder can be shared easily to external users (non-AMPS users) with AMPS share link feature . Permission level can be set Shared files/folders with links allows you to set permission levels as well.

Sharing features


Viewer: View only.
Reader: View and download.
Writer: View, download, upload and edit.

Start Date: activation date of the shared link.
End Date: expiry date of the shared link.