Online Preview without Download

Preview all types of media format

Image and video files are automatically transcoded in AMPS upon uploading to allow immediate previewing and streaming. AMPS supports up to 60 different formats of media assets which allows previewing and streaming of almost all media formats on any device.


The annotation tool lets user add interactive commentary on media files, both images or videos. Users are able to input texts and to draw on a layer on top of the image or video frame. These annotations are stored in the central database managed by AMPS for previewing, editing and reusing. Annotation can be turned on or off in preview mode.

Annotations are saved as a separate file, hence the original file is not modified in any way and is left as per it was uploaded.

Annotation Tools

  1. Select
  2. Select group
  3. Save all
  4. Color
  5. Line weight
  6. Remove all
  7. Draw
  8. Line
  9. Rectangle
  10. Circle
  11. Text
  12. Font size
  13. Toggle Hide/Show annotation

Annotation features